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Friday, December 21, 2018

'The Words of God' shows how the Book of Mormon supports Bible teachings

(by Megan Jensen 12-9-18)

Author Kathleen Danielson uses geography, customs, culture and history of both the Bible and the Book of Mormon to delve deeper into the meaning of scripture in her new book "The Words of God: 8 Crucial Bible Themes Supported by the Book of Mormon." She explores themes introduced in the Bible that carry over into the teachings of Book of Mormon prophets, and shows how the Book of Mormon further details and expands on those themes, creating a doctrinal framework.

One theme Danielson explores is the scattering of Israel and the history of the House of Israel before the scattering. She discusses the geographical locations key tribes called home, and sets the stage for the most important events in the scriptures: the birth, life, Atonement and subsequent death of Jesus Christ.

Other themes discussed include cycles of obedience and apostasy, the authority to use God's power on earth, and covenants and ordinances made anciently and today. Each theme is presented in the context of how it relates to the former theme, making understanding the hows and whys of each one easier, as they build on each other. For example, because of prior discussions in the book on the themes of the creation and the fall of Adam and Eve, the importance of the Atonement is made more apparent. The last theme is a discussion of the gathering of Israel and the last days, aptly named "Full Circle."

This book is targeted at adults and older teenagers who wish to gain a better understanding of scriptural history and background, and how they can enhance comprehension and study of principles in both the Bible and Book of Mormon today.